ILO Global Survey on OSH Agencies, Institutions and Organizations (AIOs)

We’d like to share the first of a series of monthly information notes on the ILO global survey on OSH knowledge agencies, institutions and organizations (AIO), in which our organization recently participated.

The analysis is ongoing and the technical report will be released during the XXI World Congress on OSH in Singapore in September 2017, where the ILO will hold the Technical Symposium 22 on the State of OSH knowledge development and networking.

Forthcoming information notes will provide insights on results regarding research priorities, organization and delivery of services, public-awareness raising, international networking, governance and management. More information on this page:–en/index.htm

Supporting Mental Illness Awareness Week

One in five Canadians will suffer with a mental illness in their lifetime. From October 2 – 8, we’re all encouraged to continue dialogue and raise awareness on the reality of mental illness, while fighting stigmas and educating health care professionals and the general public.

The Ontario Hospital Association is showing its support for mental health by highlighting  educational programs and resources. Check them out here.