20% National Association Discount Vouchers

CNA Certification Program

COHNA-ACIIST is pleased to announce the continuation of the CNA 20% National Association Discount Vouchers for 2021. The specialty associations with a certification exam will be able to provide their members with a voucher code for a 20% discount if they apply to write the certification exam or renew their certification. The voucher code will be valid for initial exam writers, renewal exam writers, and renewals by continuous learning. The voucher code is not valid for nurses applying to rewrite the exam or applying for inactive status. The discount will be applied to the CNA member rate or the non-member rate.

COHNA-ACIIST members wishing to apply for the 20% discount are required to provide proof of membership in good standing from their provincial associations. The request for the 20% discount and proof of membership may be sent to info@cohna-aciist.ca . Once this information is received, an email with the voucher code will be sent to the requesting member.