Mission & Objectives


The Association of Occupational Health Nurses of Newfoundland Labrador (AOHNNL) believes in promoting and maintaining the physical, social and psychological well-being of all individuals in their work environment.


  • To recognize the need for and to establish health promotion programs that includes aspects of prevention, maintenance and monitoring the health of individuals and their environment.
  • To utilize the nursing process in assessing the employees’ health status during employment, to determine that they can adequately perform their work while maintaining a degree of physical, mental and emotional well being.
  • To establish policies and procedures to provide optimum emergency medical care for injuries and/or illnesses which may occur in the workplace.
  • To recognize the need for and to develop educational programs for promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • To comply with all Health and Safety Legislation.
  • To participate in continuing educational programs.
  • To collaborate with all members of the health team, administration, all employees, all pertinent health services outside the occupational setting and all community agencies providing services to the employees.
  • To maintain accurate and detailed records. These will provide statistical information, which would contribute to research programs.

Practice Standards