Become A Member

COHNA-ACIIST is a not-for-profit association that represents the Canadian Occupational Health Nursing Specialty within the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). Membership is voluntary and is made up of the Provincial Occupational Health Nursing Associations and Special Interest Groups across the country. Each member has one voting delegate on the Board of Directors. COHNA-ACIIST was founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1994.

Currently the following Provincial Associations and Special Interest Groups are members: AB,BC, MB, NB,NL,NS.

To become a member of COHNA-ACIIST you must join one of the Provincial Associations or Special Interest Groups registered with COHNA-ACIIST.

Joining COHNAACIIST will provide your Provincial Association or Special Interest Group access to the network of Occupational Health Nurses across the country where you can exchange knowledge, expertise, and resources to further enhance your career and and provide a positive impact on  the health and safety of the organizations and employees you work with.

If you would like to join COHNA-ACIIST but your current Provincial Association or Special Interest Group is not yet a member, please contact the COHNA-ACIIST Administrator at