National Standards & Competencies for Occupational Health Nurses (OHN) in Canada

Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association/ Association Canadienne des Infirmieres et infirmiers en Sante du Travail (COHNA-ACIIST) is pleased to announce the adoption of the following Canadian National Standards of Practice for Occupational Health Nurses (OHN) in Canada:

The primary purpose of these standards is to outline, guide, and direct OHN practice and assist with the delivery of their legal and professional responsibilities.

Standards help outline what employers, employees, and the public can expect from OHN’s in the workplace and ensure that OHN’s provide safe, competent, and ethical care.

The COHNA-ACIIST standards are additional guidance documents to supplement OHN practice. While all Registered Nurses (RN) in Canada must comply with their regulatory college and licensing bodies standard; the practice of occupational health nursing is very specific and requires additional education, training, and knowledge to practice successfully within varied Canadian Workplaces.

COHNA-ACIIST’s mandate is to ensure OHN’s in Canada have access to resources that will promote advancement in their practice.

These standards would not have been possible without the dedicated work of the Alberta Occupational Health Nurses’ Association (AOHNA). We thank them for both their financial and time commitment to this project.

These standards are under copyright and are accessible for COHNA-ACIIST members for free and available to non-members for a fee.



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