COHNA-ACIIST Bursary Award

The COHNA-ACIIST Bursary Award provides financial assistance to members to advance or enhance their knowledge of occupational health nursing.

Decisions regarding the funds to be made available for the award will be discussed annually when setting the budget. A minimum of $500 annually will be allocated for this budget item.  At the Boards’ discretion, additional funds or no funds may be allocated in order to ensure the ongoing fiscal viability of the association.

Criteria for Applying

  • Must be a member of COHNA-ACIIST.
  • Must be currently employed as an occupational health nurse.
  • Must be a member in good standing of the professional registered nurse association of the province / territory which is a member of COHNA-ACIIST.
  • Consent is required to release name(s) and photograph(s) for communication purposes to the membership and posting to the COHNA-ACIIST website.

Award Conditions: 

  • Bursary Award criteria will be used to assess each application for relevance and suitability. The decision of the Board is final.
  • Completed applications will be received by the COHNA-ACIIST Secretary/Treasurer by March 31.
  • Consideration will be given to Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-Graduate programs related to occupational health nursing, safety, or wellness/health promotion and application for the CNA Certification process for COHN(C). Continuing education or research based study in these areas will also be considered.
  • Preference will be given to those applicants who are pursuing Canadian educational opportunities in the area of occupational health nursing, safety, and wellness/health promotion.
  • Preference may be given to applicants who have been actively involved with their provincial/territorial occupational health nursing association or COHNA-ACIIST.
  • Applicants must provide proof of successful completion of an education course attended in the last 18 months, receipt of payment for a continuing education opportunity or satisfactory evidence of participation in a research project.


Bursary Application Form

Bursary Award Guidelines

2019 Bursary Award Recipient

Amrit Pooni (left) & Carmen Skelton, COHNA-ACIIST President (right)

COHNA-ACIIST is pleased to announce that Amrit Pooni is our 2019 Bursary Award recipient. Amrit works as the Team Lead for Occupational Health Nurses with Alberta Health Services. COHNA-ACIIST is committed to supporting member’s continuing education to enhance personal & professional growth and expand the collective knowledge base we have as a vibrant and essential occupational health and safety profession. This year we are pleased to acknowledge MIP as a corporate CNA sponsor who provided professional development sponsorship covering the cost associated with writing or renewing their CNA certification during 2019/2020. Congratulations Amrit from the COHNA-ACIIST Board of Directors!