Innovative Nursing Approaches

CNA-AIIC is looking to identify some nurses across the country that are making a difference impacting their organizations during this current nursing workforce situation. The 4 topic areas of interest are:

  • Technology/virtual
  • Nurse lead initiatives
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Retired/Senior nurse use and retention in the workforce

They are really looking for ideas where nurses have taken the initiative and where there is learning and potential for spread. If you know someone, please consider reaching out to them to see if you can put their name forward. Information can be sent to your COHNA-ACIIST Provincial Director. They will be putting together a list in the next 2-3 weeks.

New WorkSafeBC research grant competition

Do you have an idea that could help improve workplace health and safety? Some of the best solutions start with simple ideas.

WorkSafeBC is pleased to launch our Applied Innovation research grants competition. Formerly known as Innovation at Work, our new Applied Innovation grants can help you develop your idea into a solution that makes a difference in the workplace.

Letter of Intent due: June 10, 2022, at 4 p.m. PDT


  • Grants support the same “insights and evidence” and “tools and technology” projects funded through Innovation at Work, but with an expanded scope to include pilot studies and knowledge transfer and exchange activities. Your project may seek to understand why and how things occur, evaluate interventions that seek to achieve positive change, or apply evidence directly to the workplace.
  • Grants are up to $50,000 for a duration of 12 months.
  • Any Canadian resident may apply, including workers, employers, and academic researchers with an industry collaboration or a non-academic partner.
  • Research topics should align with our research priorities.

How to apply

Send us your Letter of Intent by June 10, 2022, at 4 p.m. PDT. Visit our website to learn more.

We can help!

We encourage applicants to reach out to Research Services by email at with any questions about the application process or to discuss research ideas.

Please feel free to share this information with your networks and encourage them to apply.

Thank you,

Research Services
Office of Learning, Leading, Sharing – Corporate Operations
6951 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC

March 19 is Certified Nurses Day – Plan to Make it a Success!

March 19 is Certified Nurses Day, an international day of recognition celebrating certified nurses’ contribution to the nursing profession. Leading up to the day, the Canadian Nurses Associations wants to get nurses and employers thinking about ways to shine the spotlight on the value of being certified in a nursing specialty and having certified nurses in their workplace.

Created by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the American Nurses Association in 2008, it’s now celebrated around the world. Those organizations chose March 19 to commemorate the birthday of Margretta ‘Gretta’ Madden Styles, the renowned American nurse credentialing expert who advanced practice and regulation for more than two decades worldwide.

For Certified Nurses Day on March 19, we’re inviting all CNA-certified nurses to proudly wear their certification pins. Also, take a few moments to tell your colleagues and employer why you became nationally certified in your nursing specialty.

If you’re an employer:

  • Promote International Certified Nurses Day within the workplace and to media and the public through your facility’s communications vehicles
  • Acknowledge the day with a celebratory message on your facility’s bulletin board and intranet, and include an honor roll of certified nurses
  • Sponsor a health break for certified nurses
  • Send an appreciation letter to each certified nurse at your facility
  • Set up an information table displaying certification material (tip: print copies of CNA certification poster for interested nurses to take)

If you’re a certified nurse:

  • Show your pride in your achievements by wearing your nursing specialty certification pin on March 19
  • Post the Impact of Certification infographic on bulletin boards throughout the facility
  • Suggest ideas to the communications department of certified nurses who could be profiled in upcoming newsletters
  • Organize a virtual event to bring together certified nurses and other team members
  • Take part in social media activities on Certified Nurses Day such as sharing why you became CNA Certified and using the hashtag #CertifiedNursesDay

Learn more about Certification

Impact of Certification infographic


Certification Numbers by Specialty and Province or Territory (March 2021)


Certification Numbers by Specialty (2016-2020)


Call for Nominations for CNA President-Elect

Le français suit.

CNA has launched the call for nominations for CNA President-Elect on our website.

Submissions will be open until February 28, 2022.

Below, please find the website links which provide information related to the submission process, including eligibility criteria, roles and the call for nominations for your information.


Should you know of any nurse leaders who would be interested in this respected role, you are invited to submit a nomination. The call for nominations for CNA Vice President, Board of Directors and Public Representative will be posted on our website in the coming week.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Nada Hammude, Goverance & Leadership Coordinator at

L’AIIC a lancé un appel de candidatures pour le poste de président désigné de l’AIIC sur son site Web.

Les soumissions seront ouvertes jusqu’au 28 février 2022.

Ci-dessous, veuillez trouver les liens du site Web qui fournissent des informations relatives au processus de soumission, y compris les critères d’éligibilité, les rôles et l’appel à candidatures pour votre information.


Si vous connaissez des leaders infirmiers qui seraient intéressés par ce rôle respecté, vous êtes invités à soumettre une candidature. L’appel de candidatures pour le poste de vice-président, conseil d’administration et représentant du public de l’AIIC sera affiché sur notre site Web au cours de la semaine à venir.

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter Nada Hammude à

Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway – Health Care Specific Worker Stream

Temporary resident to permanent resident pathway program, which includes a specific health-care worker stream.

The program is designed for temporary residents who are currently working in Canada in a health or health services related occupation (such as RNs, RPNs, LPNs, nurse aides, others).

There are currently over 15,500 spots left in the health-worker stream, however the application deadline is November 5, 2021.

To apply, those interested need to check if they are eligible and apply online. For more information, please see attached documents.


À titre d’information, Immigration, Réfugiés et Citoyenneté Canada a lancé un nouveau programme Voie d’accès de la résidence temporaire à la résidence permanente d’une durée limitée, incluant un volet particulier aux travailleurs de la santé.

Le programme est destiné aux résidents temporaires qui travaillent actuellement au Canada dans une profession de la santé ou liée aux services de santé (comme les infirmières et infirmiers autorisés, les infirmières et infirmiers psychiatriques autorisés, les infirmières et infirmiers auxiliaires autorisés et les aides-infirmières et aides-infirmiers entre autres).

À ce jour, il reste plus de 15 500 places dans le volet des travailleurs de la santé, mais la date limite est le 5 novembre 2021. Pour présenter une demande, les personnes intéressées doivent vérifier leur admissibilité et présenter une demande en ligne. Pour plus d’information (en anglais seulement), veuillez consulter les documents ci-joints.

2021 AOHNA Symposium Series

As with many organizations across Alberta, AOHNA had to cancel our 2020 Occupational Health Nurses Professional Development Conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic and had hoped that we would be able to hold the rescheduled event in May 2021. However, in consideration of the ongoing restrictions on gatherings, the AOHNA Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to postpone the 2021 in person Conference. As a result, we have organized a series of educational offerings with a focus on mental health and wellness and giving back to our members….introducing… the AOHNA Symposium Series!

During the last year, we all have had to navigate unchartered waters. We have faced what will most likely be the greatest storm of our era. This challenge is not just affecting OHNs; it is not just affecting Albertans; it is affecting everyone. In some ways, the pandemic has enhanced the value of OHNs and the role you play in helping our communities recover, however there will be a multitude of lessons learned as we emerge from the pandemic with one of the most concerning being a tsunami of issues related to mental health. Management of mental health and accommodation of employees at work and how mental health issues have a significant impact on workplace attendance and safety is more important now than ever before.

It is also important to maintain your own mental health…which is why our 2021 Symposium Series is making this a huge focus not only for AOHNA, but for each and every one of our members. We truly hope that you will join us either live or on-demand, earn educational credits and network virtually with your peers!

Click here to access the Symposium details including the session and presenter information and also to register at special member’s only rates!

Celebrate Certified Nurses Day March 19

Dear colleagues:

March 19 is Certified Nurses Day. It’s an opportunity to recognize certified nurses’ contributions to the profession and health-care. The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) wishes to thank each of you for your exceptional commitment to advancing nursing practice through specialty certification.

This past year the COVID-19 pandemic has tested us as individuals and as a collective. Through it all, nurses have continued to display incredible leadership. During these challenging times, it is important to still find reasons and ways to celebrate, like recognizing Certified Nurses Day.

So, on March 19, be proud of your accomplishments as a certified nurse. By seeking and achieving certification, you contribute tremendously to the nursing profession and to improved patient safety and outcomes. Wear your CNA certification pin to show your patients, clients, colleagues and employer that you Care to Be the Best in your specialty.

If you’re on social media, use the hashtag #CNAcertification to share your story about the value of your certification credential. We also invite you to use our Facebook frame, which contains the tagline “Proud to be CNA certified.” To get the artwork:

Again, thank you for all that you do every day as a certified nurse. Have a wonderful Certified Nurses Day!

CNA Certification Team

Canadian Nurses Association
613-237-2159 Ext. 462 | 1-800-361-8404
Fax: 613-237-3520
50 Driveway, Ottawa, ON K2P 1E2 | |

Chères collègues,
Chers collègues,

La Journée des infirmières et infirmiers certifiés aura lieu le 19 mars. C’est l’occasion de reconnaître la contribution des infirmières et infirmiers certifiés à la profession et aux soins de santé. L’Association des infirmières et infirmiers du Canada (AIIC) tient à remercier chacun d’entre vous pour votre engagement exceptionnel à promouvoir la pratique en soins infirmiers grâce à la certification dans une spécialité infirmière.

Au cours de la dernière année, la pandémie de COVID 19 nous a tous mis à l’épreuve sur le plan individuel autant que collectif. Pourtant, les infirmières et infirmiers ont continué de faire preuve d’un leadership incroyable. Pendant cette période difficile, il est important de trouver des raisons et des moyens de reconnaître nos réussites, surtout à l’occasion de la Journée des infirmières et infirmiers certifiés.

Donc, le 19 mars, soyez fiers de vos réalisations en tant qu’infirmière et infirmier certifié. En cherchant à devenir certifiés et en le devenant, vous contribuez énormément à la profession infirmière et vous améliorez la sécurité des patients et les résultats cliniques. Portez votre épinglette de certification de l’AIIC pour montrer à vos patients, clients, collègues et votre employeur que vous avez à cœur votre spécialité.

Dans les médias sociaux, utilisez le mot-clic #CertificationAIIC pour transmettre votre témoignage sur les mérites de votre désignation. Nous vous invitons également à employer notre cadre Facebook « Fièrement certifié(e) par l’AIIC ». Pour l’obtenir :

  • Connectez-vous à votre compte Facebook;
  • Rendez-vous à;
  • Cherchez Fièrement certifié(e) par l’AIIC (nouveau);
  • Cliquez sur Modifier la photo.

Nous vous remercions encore une fois pour tout ce que vous faites tous les jours en tant qu’infirmière ou infirmier certifié. Nous vous souhaitons une excellente Journée des infirmières et infirmiers certifiés!

L’équipe de la certification de l’AIIC

Association des infirmières et infirmiers du Canada
613-237-2159 poste 462 | 1-800-361-8404
Téléc. 613-237-3520
50 Driveway, Ottawa, ON K2P 1E2 | |

WorkSafeBC – 2021 Innovation at Work research grant competition is now open

Do you have an idea that could help improve workplace health and safety?

We are pleased to announce our 2021 Innovation at Work research grant competition is now open. These grants support small-scale research projects that lead to practical solutions to address workplace health and safety issues.

Grant details:

  • Grants are generally up to $50,000 for one year
  • Multiple grants are available each year
  • Open to all Canadian residents
  • No specific education or training is required
  • Projects should align with our research priorities

This grant is aimed primarily at non-academic researchers, such as workers, employers, unions, and health and safety associations. Academic researchers are also eligible but require a non-academic team member who takes an active role in the project.

Application deadline: February 12, 2021 at 4 p.m. PST.

The application form and other documents are available on our website, including Frequently Asked Questions and Grant Writing Tips to help you prepare your application.

We can help!

We encourage applicants to reach out to us with any questions or for assistance in completing their application.

Please feel free to share this information with your members and encourage them to apply. Do you have a webpage or newsletter this opportunity can be posted to?

Thank you,
Research Services
Office of Learning, Leading, Sharing – Research and Library Services
6951 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC

CNA Now special edition – Certification Program / Édition spéciale d’ActuAIIC – Programme de certification

Interested in a specialty nursing credential?

There’s only a very short time left to apply for CNA certification this year! Deadline is September 10.

As a nursing professional or a member of CNA, we encourage you to consider earning a national credential in your nursing specialty. Being CNA certified shows that you’re committed to an advanced standard of professional competence and have a comprehensive understanding of your nursing specialty.

Read the full Special Edition – Certification Program