Help CNA update the Code of Ethics

The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) is embarking on a pivotal project to update the nursing Code of Ethics and we are looking for nursing professionals like you to participate.

Two ways to participate:

1. Sign up for one of the focus groups listed below. You will get the chance to share your hopes and discuss ethical dilemmas you foresee or have encountered in your practice. Each online session will examine an area that needs specific consultation. Please note that space for each group is limited, so we recommend that you register early:

2. Take our online survey, which will be available soon. The survey will be better suited for regulated nurses who wish to provide general feedback on the Code.

You are welcome to join a focus group and take the survey — or just one activity. We appreciate you sharing your time and expertise. Nursing students and retired nurses are encouraged to participate!


The Code of Ethics, last updated in 2017, serves as both an aspirational guide and a regulatory framework for nurses across Canada. In recognition of the rapid evolution of the health-care landscape and societal norms, there is a pressing need to review and update the Code. This revision aims to reflect the current context and guide nurses to provide ethical practice in relation to emerging dynamics within the Canadian health-care system and society at large.

The focus group will highlight pressing issues including, but not limited to, the following: Indigenous experiences in health care, anti-racism and anti-oppression approaches in care delivery, and the ethical challenges associated with epidemic/pandemic/endemic situations and digital health care. Together, we can ensure the Code of Ethics remains a relevant and guiding light for all nurses in Canada.

CNA has collaborated with the consulting firm Sense and Nous on this important work. If you choose to participate, you may receive communications and updates from them.

As a respected nurse in the profession, your insights and experiences will be crucial to shaping the future of ethical nursing practice in Canada. Please register today.


Chief Executive Officer

PS: Your experiences, insights, and vision are crucial to this journey. We look forward to your participation and the positive impact it will have on ethical nursing practices and health care in Canada.