Canadian Nurses Foundation

The Canadian Nurses Foundation announced 4 new scholarships. Application deadline is March 31st.

  1. Lundbeck Canada Inc. Mental Health Nursing Awards
  2. Dr. Kathryn Hannah Nursing Informatics Scholarship
  3. Beverley and John Carl Scholarship
  4. Manitoba Registered Nurses Centennial Legacy Scholarship

The 2016 flyer (English and French) gives a brief description of each scholarship. More information and application forms can be found at:



The Canadian Nurses Foundation is proud to offer more than 50 scholarships in support of nursing education.

These awards have different values, depending on the level or area of practice. The ranges are as follows:

Link to online application:

To apply for a scholarship or a certification award, please complete the appropriate online application on the Apply Now page. Before you begin the online application, please read our Guide to the Online Application Process. This document provides a detailed outline of the process you will need to follow to complete the online application, as well as identifies all of the documentation required and how to complete your reference forms. If you have questions about the content of the application, please e-mail to If you need technical support, please e-mail to All scholarship applications require the following documentation:

  • Confirmation of registration in the next semester of your program
  • Recent transcripts or web-based grades
  • Three references (from academic supervisors where possible)
  • Other documentation as specified in the eligibility criteria of a specific award

Online applications must be submitted no later than midnight EST on March 31. Applicants will be informed of results by the end of June.

One Million in One Year for Indigenous Nursing Education and Research
Un million en un an pour les études et la recherche infermieres autochtones

We are excited to share that CNF is about to launch a new campaign to raise one million dollars in one year for Indigenous nursing education and research. Our official campaign launch is taking place Thursday, May 5th at Ottawa’s Wabano Centre for Health, followed that evening by CNF’s annual Nightingale Gala. In the coming weeks we will invite you to visit CNF’s website and social media platforms to learn more about the campaign. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer que la FIIC va lancer une nouvelle campagne visant à recueillir un million de dollars en un an pour les études et la recherche infirmières autochtones. Le lancement officiel aura lieu le jeudi 5 mai au centre de santé Wabano à Ottawa ; le Gala Nightingale annuel de la FIIC suivra en soirée. Durant les semaines qui viennent, nous vous inviterons à consulter le site web et les plateformes de réseaux sociaux de la FIIC pour en apprendre davantage sur cette campagne. N’hésitez pas à nous poser des questions.

Read all about it here.