Bursary Program

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of the AOHNNL Bursary Program is to provide financial assistance to AOHNNL members who are participating in continuing education and professional development opportunities, in the field of occupational health nursing and safety.

2.0 Eligibility

To qualify for the bursary award you must be an active member in the AOHNNL for minimum of 2 years and in good standing with the ARNNL. Preference may be given to a member who attends regular meetings and participates in AOHNNL initiatives.

3.0 Guidelines

  • The AOHNNL Executive will review funds to be allocated towards the bursary program annually.
  • Approval of bursary funds will be subject to fiscal viability of the Association. The AOHNNL reserves the right to amend funding at any time.
  • Each of the following professional development categories may be awarded annually:
    1. AOHNNL Professional Development Day
    2. Other Continuing Education and Professional Development that may include:
      • COHNA-ACIIST Conference
      • Conference/Webinar/In-Service/Training
      • Certification Exam
      • Occupational Health Nursing and Safety Programs
  • One award of $500 or 2 awards of $250 may be approved under this category
  • Only actual fees associated with the above criteria will be considered. Travel expenses, meals, accommodations and other related expenses do not qualify.
  • Completion of educational and professional development within the previous 12 months may be considered.
  • Preference will be given to applicants completing Canadian based education.

AOHNNL Bursary Program Policy
AOHNNL Bursary Application Form